The Social Services Home for Adults in Veľký Meder was established by reconstruction of the former manor – house. It is located in the village Ižop – belonging to the town Veľký Meder – in a quiet environment. Client over the age of 26 are placed into the Home for various reasons, whether they are mobile and immobile. Types of the rooms are as the following ones : 4  triple-bed rooms, the rest of the rooms are six-bed rooms. We do provide social services – catering service, accommodation and care and the medical staff takes care of the health condition of our clients.


Name of the Organization : Social Services Home for Adults in Veľký Meder

Seat : Ižop-Pusta 1936/1

Legal Form and Form of Economic Management : Budget Organization TTSK

Date of establishment : 1st of July  2002

The Home has been established : for indefinite period of time

Statutory Body : The Director

Company Registration No.: 00596507

Capacity of the Home : 43 persons

No. of Cilents: 51 persons

Target group of clients : adult men who need assistance from another individuals, having different disabilities and combinations thereof.